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Welcome to East Cliff Practice

We hope you find this website both useful and informative.

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GP Vacancy

We currently have a vacancy for a GP Click here to find out more and apply



We are pleased to announce that we have had a new telephone system installed. As with any new system there may be a few technical difficulties and delays as the new system beds in and we learn more about how the system works. We are expecting that the new system will give patients a much better over all experience but we would ask for your continued patience and support during the early days.


Dr Ashwani Peshen

We are sorry to announce that Dr Peshen will be leaving us at the end of June 2018.    He worked with us during his GP training and has been with us as a member of the GP team since August 2010.  We wish him well with the next stage of his career working with colleagues in Thanet developing new services in the community.

At this time we have been unable to recruit a new GP to replace Dr Peshen. As a Practice we have decided to allocate each of his patients to one of the existing practice doctors.  Please ask reception after 2nd July if you would like to know the name of your new GP. 

In order to maximise the benefits of continuity of care the Practice GPs are arranged into clinical teams. Please note that your new GP may be in a different team from the one you were previously attached to. Although we ask that you see the same doctor where possible if your usual GP is not available another doctor in that team will be covering.

If anyone wishes to say a personal goodbye to Dr Peshen we do ask that  you do this in writing rather than taking an appointment that may be needed for a medical problem.  Reception will be happy to pass your messages on to Dr Peshen.


Acute Care Team 

At East Cliff, we believe that you should be able to access high quality medical care in a timely manner, appropriate to the urgency of your problem.  As a Practice, we are always looking for innovative ways to improve the service you receive whether this is care of an ongoing problem or help with an acute illness. Nationally, patient  demand for appointments is at an all-time high, whilst at the same time there is a recruitment crisis in general practice. We have for some time been developing a number of alternative solutions that benefit both patients and GPs.

As an initiative to optimise appointment use, we have introduced a new service The Acute Care Team.  It is staffed by three acute care practitioners, each of whom is an experienced nurse with additional training (and experience) in the management of new problems.

Each  day, this team will see the majority of patients with problems that need to be seen that day.  The Acute Care Practitioner will be supported by one of the practice GPs on a rotational basis who  will be available for queries.  The Acute Care Team will deal with your immediate medical need and will direct you towards your usual GP if any further care is needed.


Monthly Health Awareness Campaign

July and August - so far our summer has been a scorcher please see below for our monthly theme on how you can stay safe being sun aware and keeping hydrated.

Sunsmart have released an advert that at the surgery we feel covers all you need to know about staying safe in the sunshine.

  • SLIP - use a t-shirt.
  • SLAP - Slap on a hat.
  • SLOP- use some sunscreen/ suncream.
    • Look out for the star rating on your suncream - star rating measures the amount of ultraviolet A radiation (UVA) protection. You should see a star rating of up to five stars on UK sunscreens. The higher the star rating, the better!
    • Double check that your sun cream is not past its expiry date!
  • SEEK - shade.
    • spending time in the shade particularing between 11am - 3pm when the sun is its strongest.
  • SLIDE - wear your sunglasses.
    • A day at the beach without proper eye protection can cause a temporary but painful burn to the surface of the eye, similar to sunburn.

For more information on Sun Safety click here.


Accessible information

We want to get better at communicating with our patients.

We want to make sure you can read and understand the information we send you.

If you find it hard to read our letters or if you need someone to support you at appointments, please let us know.

Please tell the receptionist if you need information in a different format or communication support.

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