Focused Care Team




What can Focused Care do for me?

Social Wellness

We can support you to find local social activity and help introduce you to groups.

We run a weekly walk and talk group you are welcome to join.

Financial Wellness

We can help you find out if you are eligible for benefits and support with form filling. There may be grants you can access. We can link you with debt support charities.

Vocational Wellness

We can help you to identify work, training and volunteering opportunities.

Physical Wellness

We can help you look at the difficulties or concerns you have in accessing your health care. We can help you to access aids and adaptations and look at your care needs through Kent County Council Social Services and falls prevention through the NHS.

Emotional Wellness

We can help you to access support services like counselling/talking therapies, Carers support, Age UK, Family services, mental health helplines and groups and bereavement services.

Environmental Wellness

We can support you to access organisations and services (who may charge). This could be for cleaning, home help, de-cluttering and fire safety equipment. We can also help you look at your housing options.

The Focused Care Team working hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Please note we are not a crisis service, we aim to make contact within 2 weeks of a referral being received.

Telephone: 01843 855843