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Welcome to East Cliff Practice

How to register with our Doctors

We will normally accept patients within a set boundary. This is to ensure that we are able to give a good quality of service to our patients. We are pleased to accept registration requests from patients who are  living within our boundary

We are managing our patient list. This means that we are only able to register the number of patients who leave our practice. Keeping our list at 16,000 patients.

Our registration process will therefore be as follows:

  • We release new registration packs on the 1st Wednesday of every month, on a first come first served basis - these can be collected by a third party should you be unavailable to attend yourself.
  • The amount of registration packs will depend upon our current patient numbers and may result in us being unable to issue registration packs some months.
  • We do not post or email registration packs, they must be collected from the surgery.

Whilst it is not a requirement for prospective patients to provide proof of ID, address, immigration status or an NHS number in order to receive care or see a GP, we will ask you for these as it will speed up the registration process and allow you access to online services.

East Cliff Practice has more than 16,000 patients registered with us and we believe this is the maximum level of patients we can safely care for without it significantly impacting on our ability to provide a reasonable number of appointments to our registered patients. If we are unable to offer you a registration form we will ask for your name and address. This is to enable us to highlight to our commissioners the levels of patients trying to register with us. You will also be offered a letter that provides details of who to contact and the process for being allocated to a GP surgery.

Unfortunately our commissioners do not allow us to hold a waiting list of patients who wish to register with us.

Since we aim to register as many patients as leave the practice you will be allocated to the next available doctor who has a space on their list. For this reason we cannot offer a choice of GP at registration although you will be able to request to see any GP within the same team once registered.

The Practice currently has two teams of doctors, Blue and Green. This is to try and ensure continuity of care as much as possible, it is practice policy that we do not allow patients to switch between teams once registered.

If you are unable to register with us, please accept our apologies. We would politely ask patients who are not able to register with us to not take their frustration out on our hard working staff.

If you are currently without a GP you can contact Kent and Medway CCG and ask that they allocate you to a GP practice. You will not be given a choice as to which practice you are registered with. Their contact details are:

NHS Kent & Medway Integrated Care Board – Patient Allocations
Telephone: 01634 335095 Option 6
Online: Visit the website

Please note they will usually require you to provide letters from three separate surgeries before they allocate you to a practice.

It is important to note if you are already registered with a GP locally you will not be allocated to a different practice.


Change of Personal Details

Please inform reception if you change your name, status, address or telephone number, especially mobile telephone numbers. You will be asked to complete a form to ensure that your records contain up-to-date information. Alternatively please fill out our secure online form